11 Tips to Take Better Photos for Beginners

So, you just got your first DSLR camera and you want to take better photos. Sounds great! However, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. There are so many settings and so many options that it feels like there is no end to your learning curve. It can be really frustrating when you feel like you have everything it takes to take amazing photos but nothing seems to work out for you. Do you know what? That’s okay! Read my 11 tips to take better photos for beginners to see improvements in your images right away.

Tips to Take Better Photos for Beginners

11 Tips to Take Better Photos for Beginners

1. Camera

“If I had the best typewriter, would I be the best author?” says Ara Guler, a renowned Leica Master. Please, don’t put the camera model itself in the first place. However, you should own a capable one at least. Dm me for tips to choose the best camera for your budget.

2. Lens 

Human eye sees like a 50mm lens (35mm on Apsc sensor). For this reason, it is not surprising that almost every photographer would like to have a “nifty fifty” 50mm lens. However, you should choose your lenses according to your needs. If you are going to take bird photos, you might need something like 200mm or more focal length. 

3. Focus

Everybody wants their object to be in focus. There are different ways and practices to get the best result. Some cameras have eye AF which makes things a little easier. Autofocus generally works fine if there is enough light in the scene. However, sometimes you might need to focus manually to make sure that all is good. 

4. Time

Time of the day is quite important. Follow the golden hours. If you have to take photos in the middle of the day, try to use backlight. Dm me for detailed information. 

5. Light

In my opinion, at least %50 of the photography is all about using the light correctly. The direction, intensity & warmth of the light will effect your photo.  

6. Composition

If an object in the photo does not add value, it adds some kind of negativity. Make sure that (when possible) you remove all unnecessary objects in your frame. If not, dm me for tips how to get rid of them. 

7. Shutter Speed

Although using a high shutter speed helps you to freeze the action, so your object would look clear & sharp, it is not advisable for a natural looking photo. Keep it around 1/125 for portraits. Dm me for detailed info.  

8. Aperture

Everybody likes the bokeh effect in photos. To get that effect, you have several options but first, your aperture should be as low as possible. Then if possible, leave some space between your object and background. Dm for details. 

9. ISO

ISO might look like an enemy for photographers but if you use it effectively, it saves your shot’s life. Actually the best option is to keep it at the lowest level. However, some modern cameras allow us to use up to 3200 ISO without concerning about grains. Here is a little guide about ISO usage: Adobe ISO Guide

10. Focal Length

16mm, 30mm, 50mm… The lower the number, the larger the coverage is. Apart from fitting things inside the frame, focal length also plays a role on how your object would like like. For example, a person’s face looks thinner at 16mm, while it looks relatively “fat” at 80mm. Dm me for more info. 

11. Photo Format

Jpeg or Raw? Welcome to one of the most asked questions in photography. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to edit raw files, start with jpegs but please spend time on learning how to edit raw files. It will help you so much. Because raw files capture a lot more information which helps you rescue shadows, brightness, colour etc. 

Best Tips to Take Better Photos for Beginners

11 Tips to Take Better Photos for Beginners

Everyone loves taking photos. It’s a way to capture the special moments in our lives and preserve them for all time. With the explosion of camera phones, taking pictures has become easier than it’s ever been before. That said, not everyone knows when to use which camera setting to take better pictures or how to frame the perfect shot. Hopefully my 11 tips to take better photos for beginners will help you.

If you need further help, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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