7 SEO Tips for Beginners

You have a blog but your articles are not appearing on the first page of Google search results? Although it may depend on many different factors, my 7 seo tips for beginners will be helpful for you!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Have you heard this term before? Wikipedia says: “Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.” Applying SEO techniques is essential for any webpage to get better rankings on search results. Although there are more than 200 seo factors which effect rankings, even applying a few of them will help you.

best seo tips

7 SEO Tips for Beginners

1. Article Length

Your article should not contain less than 300 words. Having said that writing a 20.000 words of article wouldn’t guarantee any success. So aim for 800 words but it is not essential.

2. Headings

Are you using the headings hierarchy well? H1, H2, H3… Each page should only have one H1 (title), but it may have several H2s or H3s (subheadings). Use them wisely.

3. Images

If you are uploading your photos as you import them from your phone or camera, you are doing wrong. You should decrease their sizes & even resolutions for several purposes. So at least try to decrease each photo’s size under 150kb. These free websites are the best to do that: Shortpixel , Tinyjpg

4. Keywords

How do you detect them? Although writing an organic article may already include many semantic keywords, you should give a shape to your keywords list according to what people actually searching for on Google. Using Google Ads’ keyword planner or a tool such as Semrush will help you. You can also check google search results to get ideas.

5. Internal / External Links

A good article includes both internal (within your website) and external (to other websites) links. Add a couple of each accordingly. This will increase the authority of that article.

6. Comments & Shares

Ask a favour from friends to leave comments under your blog articles and share your articles on their social media accounts. Google will like it.

7. Page Speed

Last but not least, the speed of your website & page is very important. According to researches, 30% of the potential visitors leave your website, if it take a more than 3 seconds to open a page. Optimise your content.

seo tips for beginners

7 SEO Tips for Beginners

These 7 tips will help your blog articles to get some positive results. However, if the competition is high, you may need to apply more advanced SEO techniques. If you need help, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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