6 Travel Photography Tips

Thinking about going on a vacation? Do you know how you can take better photos for your Instagram? I have visited more than 30 countries and did more than 500k shots so far. As a traveler and photographer, I have 6 travel photography tips for you!


Plan your day according to the golden hours first. Golden Hours are about 1 hour before the sunset & 1 hour after the sunrise. Mesmerising travel photos are generally made during these hours. 

2.Get Up Early

Please get up early to get the things done before large tourist groups occupy the strategic locations. Use your time wisely. Getting up earlier than anybody else will not only let you catch the magic hours for photography in the morning, but also it will enable you to get the things done before large tourist groups occupy the strategic locations.

3.Use an ND Filter

ND Filters let you use a low aperture when the light is too strong. It will help you to get natural looking photos with better bokeh effect. There are ND filters not only for cameras, but also for smartphones.

4.Shutter Speed

There is no ideal shutter speed number for all situations. Nevertheless, try to keep your shutter speed at 1/125 or 1/250 for a natural looking portrait photo. If you are going to use an iPhone, download an app like Lightroom to get Pro settings for your shootings. Android users generally have Pro controls withing the camera app itself.

5.Architectural Photography

For architectural photography (outdoors), you may want to take photos when the sunlight is a little strong. Light is soft and lovely during golden hours but it is not the best time for these type of photos.

6.Ideal Hours to Take Photos

If possible, skip taking photos somewhere between 11am – 2pm. You can use those hours to take indoor photos such as museum photos. Or just rest and recover for your next photo shoot adventure. 

6 Travel Photography Tips

Taking good photos depends on different factors. Time, purpose, gear & location… I hope these tips will help you to make the most out of your photo shootings. Contact me to get more info from taking photos to choosing a smartphone or camera for your travel photos.

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